Sunday, September 28, 2008

Current events

This (two parts) should be required viewing (and the book required reading) for every American able to even remotely grasp the vocabulary used. We'll be using this broadcast as part of our history studies this week, and the kids will see the book in high school.

Did you know this? Perhaps most of us will continue on in our daily activities with nary a blink, basically unaffected by the shenanigans of those goofy people. Don't bet on it.

I hope this is heard far and wide -- she says articulately and with passion what apparently 95% or more of the people (read: voters) are thinking. More of us should be shrieking.

Here: shriek away. It's an election year -- they'll be listening.

You know, if it weren't all so deadly serious, there's material for a great musical in there. Congress, the imperial presidency, angry lawmakers, the theft of WaMu. Upset citizens, exponentially growing national debt, the sinking dollar, foreclosures, clueless leadership. Gilbert and Sullivan would have had a heyday, poking fun at every player, every faction, all who are so blatantly silly and illogical. Perhaps we could write in Pooh-bah or Pish-tush for president.

(Lyrics link)

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