Friday, September 12, 2008


I don't even know what to say. Q slept from 11pm to 2:30am last night. He was up intermittently during that time so instead of heading off to bed myself, I stayed up and ran and folded laundry, cleared out the cracks and crevices of the living room, and generally made myself busy until the boy decided to get up for good. Wah. I dozed here and there on the couch during the dark hours. Q watched what is probably his lifetime limit of PBS hours...

I am so tired. There are grades of tired, you know. (Have we discussed this before? I can't recall.) There's the yawning, sleepy one. The one where your eyes are light sensitive and you keep your sunglasses on as long as you're awake. There's the faintly to fairly to severely nauseous, which is where dizziness or vertigo usually begins. There's the one where your arms gradually lose feeling -- things fade as your neuro function drops. Worst of all, the one where your eyes are perpetually bloodshot but you don't feel tired anymore at all -- until you wake up at a long stop light or in the middle of bedtime stories with the children now peering curiously at you.

This stage of tired involves feeling weaker when I go to hoist Q or S, a perpetually drier mouth because it seems I'm forgetting to keep it closed (what the heck?), and an evil headache. My mom is finishing up with Q and his supplement -- hopefully he'll be stuffed just full enough to sleep all night or that the stars will have aligned to overcome whatever his issues were last night. I'm thinking I may have missed his seizure meds -- the first time in many, many months if that's what happened. I thought I'd drawn the medicine up but not administered it. I looked for the syringe but couldn't find it. So rather than risk a double dose... Or maybe it was the tapioca pudding he ate at supper last ngiht. Every time he's eaten something in which eggs play a starring role I spend most of that night up with him. Duh. Not a good combo, if both those factors played a role. Or maybe he was teething just enough to keep him restless. Could be that he was hungry or thirsty or needed some help to finish the crossword puzzle. Who knows.

But even with all of that, he's been Mr. Congeniality -- bright-eyed and giggling through the day, except when he passed out in his chair. And we've had a good day. Funny how much one can achieve when one is unwilling to accept possible outcomes other than the affirmative ones. We (I) also got to enjoy some interactions with folks, mostly strangers, who found my kids delightful and said so. We got to spend part of our day with one of my cousins and his little niece -- both of whom we'd love to see more of. They're great fun -- now to get the schedules lined up, right?

So I'm going to hit Publish and hope that the syntax holds up under scrutiny. Not that I could care at this point, even if I really tried.

Hope your weekend is lovely and that your punkins and honey bring you joy. Give them a reason to.


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