Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's May?

Well look at that - I missed April altogether.  It was a rather surreal month, what with the surgery (it went very well), giant cast (glad it's gone), miscellaneous tracking of nine different prescriptions (now down to the usual three, plus one lingering med), and the persistent muscle spasms following the surgery (massage has really helped).

Following Q's surgery, his sisters traveled to visit their dad.  G went later, on his scheduled spring break.  (He hasn't returned - that's a conundrum, which will hopefully resolve soon.)  The girls came back the week that the ginormous cast came off, and Q is now ensconced in a smaller brace.  After three weeks of the brace coming off only for therapies, changes, and baths, we're now working ever so slowly up to having it off all day.

Meanwhile, the lovely girls have been helpful with Q, done schoolwork, managed projects (indoors and out), laid plans for fundraising for Suzuki camp and new violins, studied for baptism, practiced and performed very well at their piano recital, and generally been a blessing and a boon to whomever they hang out with.  (I'm really not exaggerating, despite my mom-bias.  I'm terrifically proud of them.  Yes, I'm officially bragging.)  Next up: painting their bedrooms (I have a gift card to Home Depot...).

I got to meet the founder of this amazing place today.  If you happen to need an organization to donate to, think of them.  They do fantastic work.

The boy is asleep now - sleep has become a recurrent issue post-op and with related medication weans.  If you pray, I'd appreciate your prayers.  I do not want to do another protracted period of no sleep.  I guess I've adjusted to this (I have managed to leave the house with my shirt on frontwards), but I would be ecstatic to skip having to hang out in the "up all night" part of life.  (Side note: I don't know how mamas of newborns do it in their forties and beyond.  Heavens!)

Because Q's out, I'm crashing too.  I've used my evening well - pulling together part of the paperwork for the 2012-13 school year (yes, already - time is just flying!), and the rest can wait until tomorrow.  Such cool stuff.

Happy Mother's Day, you lovely mamas.  Whether or not Time magazine agrees (and who cares) - we're all "mom enough."  Kiss those babies!  (And their mamas!)