Friday, February 10, 2012

Hiya.  Life's been busy here, full of lessons and practice, therapies and running, rhythms of chores and sleep and cooking and laundry.  I suppose it could seem endless, but it doesn't.  It's home.  The kids are having the usual triumphs and hiccups of childhood, plus their own variations on the themes.  To say there's a lot to manage these days would be a bit of an understatement.

I've been mulling over things this week and I guess I have more questions than I have answers.  For argument's sake, if you were in a position to know something, to have science and experience on your side, and to also know that this something would be a real solution for someone you know or someone you love...  What do you do when that person won't listen?  Do you let it go?  The answer is different if you're considering the needs of a child or truly helpless person, of course, rather than those of a fully competent adult.  What if that person is antagonistic?  Paranoid?

I'm mulling because I keep running into situations where someone involved has a very workable answer but the person who needs it most refuses or is unable to take in the significance of the solution being presented.  This happens often enough that statistically I have to be that person who refuses or is unable, at least once in awhile.  There's a humbling thought.

So I guess I try to hang back a little, if I suspect that I'm making a fool of myself.  I think it's useful to walk around the problem or puzzle and see it through new eyes, asking for input, often from unlikely or even contrary sources.  I don't know.  Sometimes things are just a mess.  Sometimes knowing something doesn't do any good.  Smart people have been wrangling the problem of pain and suffering for as long it's been around.  I don't have anything to add.  Just thinking.


Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Good advice.

Models and manufacturers to consider:
Recaro Monza

I've looked over the Britax Frontier 85 and a Graco model as well, on the advice of the awesome equipment wizard OT who sees Q sometimes for equipment and adaptive helps.  It doesn't appear that either of those will work for Q, as he needs greater support for sitting.

I continue to think about the Otto Bock option for combining a seat for the young man with biking and running sport bases.  If I had the extra cash, I would snap up one of those side-by-side tandem bikes that he loved so much last summer.  E and G peddled him around the parking lot to squeals of laughter, and protests when they stopped.  They all seemed to enjoy the experience and S and K wished they were big enough to peddle too.

Lots to think about.