Monday, December 24, 2012


The Cherry Tree Carol

Blessed, silent night to you, lovely peeps.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Three Good Things

1.) Enough warm blankets.  We're trying to keep the thermostat low, a challenge with a kid who doesn't self-regulate body temp as well as one might like.  Over the last few years, it seems I saw some good clearance sales.  We are grateful to be warm.

2.) Running shoes.  An angel made these possible.  Our old ones were past their explorations and coming apart.  Being able to take the kids out for a readjustment of our spines, our attitudes, and literally, of our brain chemistries, is a phenomenal gift.

3.) Kindness, generally, and overwhelmingly.  The girls and Q are good workers, but they would not be where they are right now without this year's gifts and loans of books, time, clothing, music, and all things related to their trajectories.  I'm especially grateful for a gift-ed box of Puffs tissue, which is the nicest thing I've ever had for blowing my nose and wiping my eyes, a thing which I need to go do again right now.

XO, lovely peeps.

Saturday, December 01, 2012


I am so glad for Friday night.  I feel, and have felt for a few years now, that I often screech into the weekend, shrieking, "SAFE!" as I cross home plate. 

This week was busy, more busy than most, but certainly not the toughest we've ever danced our way through.  I am glad for the marching on of time, the markers of growing up and out for the kids, the busy things that add up to a life, or life here, anyway.  The work the girls put in every day adds up, moving them through music books, grade levels, proficiencies.  It's a grace, watching all this unfold, and it's pretty surreal, too.  Like a time warp, or being stuck in slo-mo.

So we skidded in, again.  Q had two EEGs this week, one awake and one sleep-deprived, then asleep.  He thought the strobes were hilarious, and we read stories about rockets, thrust, and gravitational pull on his iPad during the first test.  I held his hands still until he finally passed out during the second, the hilarious little stinker.  There's nothing like having to purposely sleep-deprive a growing, low-tone kid to re-order one's priorities.  Heh.

So now we wait for that news.  The seizure med titrations were miserable, but are finally done.  No more throwing up for awhile, thanks.  Q's new wheelchair was approved and should be here in a couple of weeks.  He has casting coming up for new hand splints, foot splints to be approved, and other equipment to be managed.  We've had small and large miracles pop up over the last several weeks, else we wouldn't still be afloat.  It's hard to adequately express how very grateful I am to each person who has participated in these grace notes.  I'm just... still a little bit in shock. 

If you're one of those people, thank you.  I can't do it justice, but thank you.

Here's hoping you're having some real rest, or soon will.  Blessings to you.