Saturday, September 21, 2013


I've been thinking about how life looks these days.  It seems like the kids are each poised for their own leap into something new and huge.  Ready or not, here comes another new incarnation of the family.  Developmental arcs, for the win! 

The plans for the year include new kinds of writing, history, and philosophy, both at home and in other educational and therapeutic settings.  Two of the four will be based offsite for the bulk of their educational endeavors, with some work ongoing at home.  The other two will be based at home, with some outside work.  The schedules need tweaking already - I'm having a hard time getting Latin in.  That may change after the girls have finished with next weekend's performances (orchestra and wedding) and their practices subside just a little.

The girls all continue with piano and violin, working to pay part of the class fees and for most of what is becoming significant instrument expenses.  I'm not sure where I expected all this to lead, but it turns out that practice causes improvement, which brings further opportunity and development, which are expensive.  I mean, hooray for hard work!  And also: whimper.

Q's stuff is also evolving.  We have a ramp for the front door - a serendipitous thing, if ever there was one.  It arrived just as the growing Q started back to school, and came out of the clear blue sky.  No more hauling the 115 pounds of kid and chair up and down the steps!  We have a generous (and kind) arrangement when it comes to the finances, but I still must figure out how to raise $7800.  Actually, $7670, thanks to, well, more kindness. 

There may be a bazillion bake sales in our future.

In other Q news, he had an excellent dental visit Friday - beautiful teeth and not even an attempted nibble on the fingers in his mouth.  He thoroughly charmed the staff, as usual.  They pulled his errant and wobbly "shark" tooth so the new one can finish growing in. There are scripts in the works from his pediatrician for a new walker/gait trainer/stander base and new car seat.  We have a rehab visit coming up next, I am still waiting to hear if we can move ophthalmology up from February (!), and I need to nail down the nutrition consult. Time to schedule another endocrinology visit as well.  The short term big picture involves determining whether or not Q can have botox (for pecs and potentially thenar eminences), eye surgery, and have the hardware removed from his hips, all under the same anesthesia.  We shall see.

The house is quiet, so it's time to crash.  A blessed rest to you, lovely people.