Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spot on

Sissy Free Task.  Indeed.

Since I'm here...  The ongoing prescription argument is frustrating.  Q needs the solutab.  We've tried the liquid proton pump inhibitor (neurological side effects), Prilosec OTC (didn't work).  He can't take Zantac, because it's in capsule form.  There are little packets of soluble powder that could be mixed with sugar water, but that's omeprazole, the same med as Prilosec, which didn't work.  Meanwhile, there's no word that the paperwork is getting where it needs to go, and the manufacturers have either stopped making the med permanently or have been on backorder since June.  There are non-generic solutabs available, for which I will still be paying out of pocket, but instead of almost $6 each, it's more like $10.  So.  As soon as Q is on the bus in the morning, and just before the girls and I sit down to contemplate the birth of astrophysics, fractions and variables, predicate nominatives, and the medieval-era invasion of Islam, I will make the rounds again on the phone.  I shall strive to be...  Well.  Let's aim for patient, shall we?  I first began this conversation in May, so I think the bar of patience is plenty high.  I do have the phone numbers of all my state reps, and maaaan...  I'm considering using them.

Time for sleep.  Peace out.