Friday, July 19, 2013

Hello, lovely people.  How about a round of updates on at least many of the fronts?

I am the proud mama of an 18 year-old young man.  It's hard to imagine that it's actually been that long since that delivery room, that anesthesiologist, that 32 hours, and the first glimpse of that wee little cone-head.  I can still smell his teeny neck, new and warm.  Of course, he's kind of a giant now.

The second-born punkin is past the halfway point in Driver's Ed classes, passing with flying colors so far.  She's been busy this summer with music practices, babysitting, math, and the general miscellany of a teen girl's summer.  Organizing her paperwork for school this fall has been an education in itself.

Punkin #3 has been doing yard work and babysitting (saving up for clothes and projects), math review, reading, and hanging out with a new neighborhood buddy - a fellow "tall girl" her own age.

The fourth punkin has been enjoying her own new buddy - little sister to the above neighbor.  She's also set goals for her music progress that require an hour or two of practice per day - a bit of an eye-popper for this mama, but she's doing well.  The rest of her summer time has been taken up with math lessons, reading, crafts with neighbor kids, and water balloons with her new favorite person (a lovely fellow homeschooler, visiting from the other side of the country).

Mr. Q-punkin has had a busy summer so far, including check-ups with various specialties (and more to come), clearance for three whole prescriptions, and measurable progress in his power chair driving skills.  He's been busy in speech - differentiating nouns and verbs, choosing pictures to put stories in order, and even using nodding as part of his responses to questions.  We have a Summer Bridge book he's working through, which is pretty darn cute.  This is what happens to the youngest child: numbers and letters are cute.

Upcoming projects: ramps for the front and back doors of the house; support arms for Q's iPad (as it becomes more and more integral to communication during his waking hours) and soon an actual communication device (we hope); new walker set-up.

I'm feeling foolish.  I've been reading about obturator neuropathy and other soft tissue foibles of the upper leg because I did something during a run two days ago, and things just aren't okay.  Thankfully, Q's PT lets me bounce such things off him, and I came up with things to try (foam rollers are our friends).  In the meantime, I wish I had a muscle relaxant, unlimited ice, and 48 hours of no lifting.  Q's been up quite a bit each night for the last couple of weeks - my theory is that a small push (I "sprinted" 9:59 up an incline, at the end of a 3.4mi run - the fastest I think I've ever been on an uphill) worked those muscles hard, and then going from dead asleep to lifting and rearranging 49lbs of Q knocked me back further.  Not my favorite.

If y'all wouldn't mind praying over the upcoming projects and my tweaked leg and back...  Certain obstacles could just remove themselves and life would become infinitely easier.  I just have no idea how those obstacles could possibly resolve.  None.  But others have.

I know you're dying to hear about the yard.  So I'll tell you a little, since you twisted my arm.  Heh.

The day lilies are blooming their fool heads off.  One is a lovely warm custard color, with wine colored middles.  It's next to a purple sedum that's almost as tall as the lily plant - the contrast is charming, especially when the Greek oregano is noticed on the other side of the day lily.  The other plant is lavender with chartreuse middles, next to purple asters and a chartreuse Dr.Seuss flowering plant whose name suddenly escapes me.  Hm.  Its flowers are little, brilliant green balls and it makes me smile.  Also nearby are red yarrow and fleeceflower.  The Tomato Forest needs more cages, as the plants seem to be trying to escape.  Some are just shy of three feet tall, and appear to be making actual tomatoes.  The Lemon Boys and Green Zebras look to be ahead of the rest.  I should really count those plants.  I wonder if we have thirty.

The strawberries are proliferating by runner, and seem to have escaped via seed as well.  Which is fantastic.  The berries are delicious and I think we'd give over the yard to production without a second thought.

And there's the boy.

Rest well, loveys.  Hope your summer is warm and sunny, with lots of fun thrown in.