Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Our church seems to be preparing for ongoing conversations about mental health issues.  While thinking about this and some events that have led up to this, I've been reading about and ruminating on a few diagnoses.  It's pretty fascinating stuff.  As difficult as the subject matter can be, especially when families are suffering, remaining blissfully ignorant isn't really an option.  Knowledge is power and ought to help us better understand ourselves and the people we love.  Here are a few links.

Borderline Personality Disorder
Major Depression
Beyond Blue - a very useful blog
Amen Clinics - brain care and brain health, started by Dr. Daniel Amen
Traumatic Brain Injury - MedlinePlus, with links to other pages
Traumatic Brain Injury - Wikipedia, with more detail, discussion of current grading techniques, etc.

If you have good resources please share!  Pax.