Sunday, July 17, 2011


We are wiped out from the big weekend activities.  Q rode the cars again in the Challenge Day race.  This year the founder, Leo, had added a seat back for the boy to be strapped to.  They used it last weekend in a different city for a kid with similar physical presentation.  It was so fun!  Q had a moose head wraparound neck support, and he grabbed onto the car right away and just rode like he was in charge, man. 

When he wasn't riding, he was having a rest in the van with G (so cute, the pair of them all sprawled out), or even better, helping G or E drive this.  There wasn't a roof on it, and the steering and brakes were located on sticks at the hips of the riders, rather than out in front as handlebars.  He loved, loved, loved it.  I've been thinking about how to get him on the road on a bike, and this would be one awesome option.  There was a bag at the back, strung between the two joined bikes.  It would easily hold most everything Q would need for a day out.  Amazing how much fun he had as soon as he was in motion.  He's definitely a little adrenaline junkie in an uncooperative body. 

We're waiting for the modification piece for his backpack - how cool will that be!?  It's been a few days since I ran - have to get back to that tomorrow.  Since running longer distances and doing so more consistently, plus walking lunges, etc., I can easily tell a difference between last summer and this:  Q is easier to hoist and easier to haul in the pack.  How nifty, right? 

Now to figure out the next bits of life:  G and K got running shoes today, inspired by E's PT successes which correlate mostly to her shoes, though the exercises sure are helpful.  G went parallel parking this afternnon and needs a viola bow and would love to have a new violin bow as well.  The last violin bow he tried and thinks still would fit best was more than $700.  Gulp.  So we'll be praying over this - the viola that came from Goowill and makes such nice sound.  ;o)  The house windows need screens and I need a big, bad, load of dirt to come here, be free, and make friends with the rocks.  Until the dirt tosses the rocks out, on sheer principle.  So there, rocks!  Heh.  I'm afraid I've constructed all kind of scenarios in which the rocks just go poof.  Of course, so far, the best way is to have cousins over and to announce that anyone who plucks a weed or moves a rock will get a penny apiece.  K, of course, is the fastest - I owe her almost $4 so far!  And the other girls each made some money off me too.  Hooray!

The Zyrtec has taken over.  Q's quiet so time to sleep!  XO

Friday, July 15, 2011

Week end

I've been chewing on things this week about how to mold one's family culture, what input is most effective for kids as they grow their wings and look to leave home.  One of the things that seems a constant recurring theme is that I have a lot of friends, some real, some "imaginary", who require a LOT of their children.  Some of these people are thought of as tough, true (like that's a bad thing), but most are thought of as responsible parents.  People who are busy helping their kids to be people the rest of us want to be around.  As opposed to say, children who walk around having tantrums over the silliest of things, or demand that occasions suit them at the cost of others' needs, and more.  I don't know that I have any conclusions on the matter because I'm kinda in the thick of it, here.  I do know for sure that two parents in the same household, a team working together for their kids, whether or not they agree on even as much as fifty percent of how to proceed, is making the process that much easier for those who have it. 

I'm out early in the morning, so shall sign off.  Hope you all have some sweet rest and a very productive time in whatever place or area you most need.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Apropos of Nothing...

I'm thinking on this as an excellent item for inclusion in life skills discussions.  Perhaps difficult for some parents, but when thinking about things like adrenal exhaustion and long-term consequences - man, seems like a no-brainer to me.

In other news, the kids are home.  Yay!  The morning activities prior to my getting to the airport demonstrated the growing complexities with Q.  Again.  Thinking on that for now, and hoping for forthcoming solutions.

I don't know how to speak about the kids visits with their dad.  They love him so much, and rightfully so.  He's their dad and they need that relationship, that champion who only shows up in daddy clothes.  And also, there's fallout.  Uncomfortable questions.  Sadness at the very real losses resulting from his absence in their daily lives.  So.  Lots of tears tonight from one of the punkins.  It can be hard to keep one's head together under the abrupt changes occurring with visits.  Q had a hard time eating tonight - as he does during the beginning days of the big kids' absence.  Here's to an easier day tomorrow.  Yes.  That.

Gotta nail down a few of life's details before I hit the sack.  Huge shoutout to the people who took care of Q so I could go get the rest of the kids.  Hope life is being kind to you and yours.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Midsummer Night

A song.

I have a little lesson planning done, a little housecleaning done, a little sorting done, a little digging in the yard done.  But Q is fatter and happy, and that is the primary job here when the bigs are out of town, so hooray for us.  In the morning I will fly down to pick them up and they'll be tucked in here tomorrow night.  Can't wait to squeeze 'em!  Two have had birthdays of some consequence whilst off visiting, so this will be exciting.  Have I mentioned that G has his permit?  See how my eyes bug out while I think about this?  There's always a new phase of life to enter, isn't there? 

Better scoot to bed so I can get Q fed and head off to the airport in the morning.  Tra la!  Hope you're reveling in a little summer bliss.