Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Midsummer Night

A song.

I have a little lesson planning done, a little housecleaning done, a little sorting done, a little digging in the yard done.  But Q is fatter and happy, and that is the primary job here when the bigs are out of town, so hooray for us.  In the morning I will fly down to pick them up and they'll be tucked in here tomorrow night.  Can't wait to squeeze 'em!  Two have had birthdays of some consequence whilst off visiting, so this will be exciting.  Have I mentioned that G has his permit?  See how my eyes bug out while I think about this?  There's always a new phase of life to enter, isn't there? 

Better scoot to bed so I can get Q fed and head off to the airport in the morning.  Tra la!  Hope you're reveling in a little summer bliss.


Carolyn said...

We have a permit here too! Waiting on approval for an evaluation for hand controls before we do too much, though, and that will wait until the state is not shut down.

C said...

Oh, Carolyn! How frustrating to wait on such things... (imagine me making grumpy noises at the state for you). And how exciting, too! They grow so fast and then *poof* they look more like grown-ups and suddenly they want the keys! Ack! Maybe we can breathe deeply together. ;o)