Monday, June 27, 2011


Have you heard of this guy?  Wow.  I've always enjoyed the blues, along with many, many other kinds of music, but this kid is something else.  Looks like Joe Bonamassa has been around for awhile.  Who knew?

I'm Zyrtec-ed out.  I've been digging in the rock pile, erm, "garden" and it seems that the wet spring lead to a huge pollen production.  So I'm lightly toasted.  And I have a love/hate relationship with antihistamines - I can't live without 'em under these circumstances, and sorta wish I could just sleep through 'em.  Gah.  A big thank you to the people who have helped knock back the weeds in the rock pile.  I would not have made it this far, ever. 

So I'm going to go sleep now, because without oodles of caffeine, that's what I can do, now.  Or maybe I'll make it to the fifth page of that book.  And tomorrow night will be earlier because it will.  Q has early mornings on Tuesdays, and I'll take advantage of that to catch us all up a bit.  In the meantime, think happy, non-befuddled, lesson planning thoughts for me, will ya?  Thanks.

(And if I'm supposed to be calling you back, I will try to manage that as soon as Q's had breakfast.  And before the next dose of wooly-brains kicks in...)

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