Sunday, May 22, 2011

Runningform, runningform

I keep hearing things in my head about "maintaining a running form."  I hear this when I'm up too durned late,  when I don't wanna do the dishes or grade the papers, and when I'm actually running.  My friend's brother gave her that phrase to use as she was training for a race.  I'm quite sure it was meant to keep her moving when the training felt like it was dragging her past what she could do.  And so it is with me.  Now I hear those words when I'm pushing up a (wee) hill, making those hip rotators work.  I hear it in those other moments too, and it always surprises me just how much a little positive self-talk can improve things.

I'd like to think that I post at times when I'm not tired, or impatient, or frustrated.  Heh.  Tonight I'm just tired.  But I have runningform, runningform.  And in a little bit, I will be asleep.  In the morning I will have a lovely shower.  I will feed, organize, wash, sing to, entertain, feed again, love on, cajole, practice with, launder for, tend, medicate, and teach these sweet  punkins.  We will discuss, argue, tweak plans, and clean things.  We'll manage our appointments.  And we'll sleep again.  And so the rhythm of the week is begun.

As very tired as I am, there's a blessing to this which continues to amaze me.  I don't know how this works, exactly.  But somehow the energy poured in increases by orders of magnitude when I'm not looking.  Hallelujah, eh?  ('Tis a very good thing - I've managed to open my mouth once again and turn my curiosity into an "opportunity for involvement."  So - here we go.)

Hope you're enjoying a lovely evening.  Here:  some smiles.  XO.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sticks and stones

This reflects my thoughts, exactly.  I too had thought to be subtle, deft even, on this subject.  I too have discovered that the sidelines aren't an option.  So bizarre, to find oneself in this world.  So bizarre.

Also - I've dithered a bit over whether or not to add a note of "warning" over some of Rob's language.  And I guess you may consider yourself warned, now, if you needed to be.  But truly?  I don't find the verbiage inappropriate in the least. 

Feel free to comment - I'm  interested.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


So much for a timely follow-up to the last post.  Q's been sick and not sleeping.  When I write those kinds of words I wonder what people think.  I get odd response sometimes.  "Oh yeah.  I gave up sleep when my kids were born.  Once you have 'em, they just get up and have nightmares and they need water in the middle of the night..."  I think my polite smile is fairly neutral.  And I try to exit the situation quickly, so as not to have to qualify anything further.  What would I say?  "Yes.  Sometimes Q sleeps through a whole night.  Most of the time he needs to be turned and repositioned at least once, usually up to three times, and there are still, despite meds and bolstering, nights when he sleeps less than four hours."  (Thank God those have been fewer over the last year.)

Do people hear those things and revise their opinions?  I don't think so.  I've been told that "strollers are not allowed in here, ma'am.  You can park it over there."  When I reply that it's a wheelchair... is it even an option for that person not to feel like a worm?  So I'm as quiet as I can be, on this and many other related subjects.

I really am going to write out the recent appointments and etc., but first I have to sleep.  I managed almost nine hours between last Thursday and Saturday nights.  I won't bore you with the bodily fluids report.  But the boy slept better last night and is out now, so I'm going to take serious advantage and pass out, flopped on my bed.

(Many of you have been praying.  Thank you.)