Tuesday, May 03, 2011


So much for a timely follow-up to the last post.  Q's been sick and not sleeping.  When I write those kinds of words I wonder what people think.  I get odd response sometimes.  "Oh yeah.  I gave up sleep when my kids were born.  Once you have 'em, they just get up and have nightmares and they need water in the middle of the night..."  I think my polite smile is fairly neutral.  And I try to exit the situation quickly, so as not to have to qualify anything further.  What would I say?  "Yes.  Sometimes Q sleeps through a whole night.  Most of the time he needs to be turned and repositioned at least once, usually up to three times, and there are still, despite meds and bolstering, nights when he sleeps less than four hours."  (Thank God those have been fewer over the last year.)

Do people hear those things and revise their opinions?  I don't think so.  I've been told that "strollers are not allowed in here, ma'am.  You can park it over there."  When I reply that it's a wheelchair... is it even an option for that person not to feel like a worm?  So I'm as quiet as I can be, on this and many other related subjects.

I really am going to write out the recent appointments and etc., but first I have to sleep.  I managed almost nine hours between last Thursday and Saturday nights.  I won't bore you with the bodily fluids report.  But the boy slept better last night and is out now, so I'm going to take serious advantage and pass out, flopped on my bed.

(Many of you have been praying.  Thank you.)

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Carroll said...

Only one-parent families with at least five children, one of whom requires nearly 24/7 therapy and care, and who home school their youngsters and are involved at church have any right to make comments (positive) or ask questions (non-intrusive) when they have no clue and are not offering tangible help! This will not make things better for you, but it makes me angry that you have such insensitive nonsense to put up with.