Monday, June 06, 2011

Home again, home again

Thankfully, sans the proverbial hog.

We drove over to the kids' dad's alma mater for the weekend. The orchestra played for the university church service, and our quintet played violin and piano selections for my grandma and her friends at her new assisted living digs. Well, it's a septet, really, with Q the brave and the dancing cousin. (Q is brave because he tries not to cry when the music stops - his fight with his pouty lower lip is pretty charming.)

My mom came with us and I think we mostly had a rather grand time, despite the difficulties. Milkshakes help the children perk right up, and do a pretty nice job of smoothing things out for the adults too. I can't recall a weekend with more mislaid purses in it. Or one in which the lift for the tailgate suddenly, and I mean poof, gives out. Picture me with bugged out eyes. My dad was researching parts (in his next life he'll be a fab master mechanic), but until I get that fixed, I shan't be taking Q anywhere by myself. Someone has to hold the tailgate door up while another big, strong person hoists the chair into the back.

Never a dull moment, I tell ya. ;oD

I think we're all concerned about my grandma - seems like little bits have disappeared over the last few times we've seen her. Just little losses, but striking when added up. Another really tough visit was with a former professor of mine who is in a rehab facility for the time being. She has a glioma that was initially treated as something else. She, master of words, doesn't sort and use them in the same way anymore. But her smile is just as bright as ever.

And G has his learners permit. I should be bald by the end of the week. No, no! It's not that he's bad. He's fine. Quite good for the experiences he's had. It's just regulation nerve wracking.

Heavens, but I hope this makes sense. So tired! As we were nearing home this evening I wondered how much of these years the kids will remember as "mom's tired years." Time to work on *that.*

Hope you're having some sun, a little rain, and all kinds of genuinely helpful things. Back with more later. (And if you saw the first incarnation of this post, let's just giggle together over it. Snicker.)

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