Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Three Good Things

1.) Enough warm blankets.  We're trying to keep the thermostat low, a challenge with a kid who doesn't self-regulate body temp as well as one might like.  Over the last few years, it seems I saw some good clearance sales.  We are grateful to be warm.

2.) Running shoes.  An angel made these possible.  Our old ones were past their explorations and coming apart.  Being able to take the kids out for a readjustment of our spines, our attitudes, and literally, of our brain chemistries, is a phenomenal gift.

3.) Kindness, generally, and overwhelmingly.  The girls and Q are good workers, but they would not be where they are right now without this year's gifts and loans of books, time, clothing, music, and all things related to their trajectories.  I'm especially grateful for a gift-ed box of Puffs tissue, which is the nicest thing I've ever had for blowing my nose and wiping my eyes, a thing which I need to go do again right now.

XO, lovely peeps.

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