Saturday, September 27, 2008

Murphy rides again

Well, so much for that. E threw up last night and Q needed to get up to be dosed with decongestant, etc. So I've been flirting with the sniffles, sleeping little as Q's meds change. I was hopeful that since his dose had gone up again last night and the rest of the kids were really tired -- indeed, lights out and quiet well before nine -- that I'd be able to kick it completely. Sadly not. Today I feel a bit disembodied. Yuck. Perhaps a shower, perhaps the ibuprofen, perhaps the Claritin or hot tea will help.

I think we'll go for a walk after a while. The big kids are out in the warm sunshine, Q is playing with his fishies and fan (buttons to push).

Later, when my head and arms are once again attached to the same body, I need to share info about the neuro visit, school fun, and why September is a bad month.

I hate snot.

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BBA said...

September is very bad . This year just adds to the facts of making it bad.