Wednesday, September 03, 2008


How to best derail meal prep for ten children? By turning on the wrong burner and consequently blowing up the big glass bowl. Yup. I was a little distracted...

But they're asleep now, every last on of 'em after three rounds of pottying, two sleep walking incidents and proper application of kisses and back scratches. I think someone's story is still playing though, so I'm planning to turn that off before turning in.

Have you ever noticed just how quiet real quiet can be? It's a little weird, actually.

The color-coded schedules are more or less set up for the school "year" -- hanging on the wall in a page protector = official. The last of the itinerant stuff is waiting to be (re)organized. The kids did their cubbies a few days ago and I think the rest is up to me -- switching out textbooks by grade, references by subject/time period of study for the current year. The read-alouds are piling up higher and deeper, thanks to some lovely folks whose boxes of donations included stuff I already had on the kids' reading lists. Have I mentioned that my motto truly is: Expect Miracles? Really. I'll have to write more about that sometime -- "odd" things often happen. Things that, were I not expecting miracles, might render me a little speechless.

I'm off to sleep fast before hitting it again tomorrow. Hope your day brings you a few miracles of appropriate scale.


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Heidi Christianson said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile. I was wondering if you need Saxon Math 54 and/or 65. I am trying to get rid of them and I'd be happy to mail them to you. I have homestudy packets for both. Let me know.