Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm sitting here waving my amazing Wite-Out wand. (Thank you, L.) Is it wrong to have such affection for inanimate objects? Zip-loc bags, nice shelves/shelving, spreadsheets, and many other non-living things have at various times been the object of a crush. I simply adore good tools. Besides usually being out of my price range (free), they're hard to come by, especially in appropriate configurations and at appropriate times. For years and years now I've used these little boxes from IKEA that are something like $4 for 3 -- assorted colors. They hold pens, crayons, scissors, stickers, shiny stuff, glue, erasers, calculators, you name it, and they stack and label so nicely. And speaking of office supplies, how can one not go on and on about an excellent automatic pencil? The ones whose leads are just soft enough, not brittle, laying down good, even pigment, whose erasers are firmly attached and efficient without tearing the paper?

More household items: I love microfiber cloths -- you too can clean your whole house with just water! (Except for the germy yuck, which requires bleach or those super nifty Clorox wipes.) I've also loved Cutco, Cuisinart, and Kitchenaid brands and recommend them wholeheartedly. There's really nothing like having good equipment in the kitchen. Or anywhere, really. (Stop snickering, people. Geez!! What are you, twelve?)

Well, I'd better get back to the paperwork. A bit more English for the day (waving Wite-Out), then supper, off to swimming, home again for snacks, music practice, quickly to bed before spending tomorrow at lessons. Yee-haw! Q's got a Neurology appointment coming up on Thursday. We've had to reschedule too many times so I hope all the planets align for this one. Speaking of planets, have you been enjoying the giant moon where you live? It's been a lovely creamy yellow, hanging low in the sky and seeming enormous. It looks a little like a good wheel of Brie. Yum.

If you have a minute, my mom could use prayers -- she's having a double root canal tomorrow as a result of a fall earlier in the summer. It's been bad enough that she's looking forward to the procedure (shudder) and there's even more (worse) to come after this. Poor thing.

What are your favorite tools? (Starbucks counts.)


Zoo Keeper said...

I love magic erasers. And I have this zester that is my best friend. I also found a hand mixer, the kind with the handle and the gears in a estate store last week. You can get it out and turn the handle and stare into the gears until you get completely relaxed.

S. said...

I adore post it notes. They are very useful and they are great play items for small children:)