Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I'm a little busy. Betcha would never have guessed, though. Since I keep posting here so regularly and all. Here's a quick run down.

School: One kid is just flying through her work like it's walking on water. This is cool but I wonder how I'll keep her busy if this keeps up. We're covering a ton of information just now: Life Science and 1600-1850, as well as the more regular, workbooky kinds of things. (Have I mentioned that I heart workbooks? It's a seasonal thing, I think.) I'm tired so the Seleucids, Annelids, and Turks are bleeding together in my head -- I find this to be a somewhat eerie feeling. Music (piano and violin) is going especially well for each of the bigger kids, so it's pretty noisy here. Q loves it and fusses when removed from the immediate vicinity of practice sessions. Pretty funny.

Q: I have a lot to figure out re: equipment. Perhaps this will involve a proverbial girding up of the loins in preparation for battle. It seems likely that we won't be able to get the adjustable arms and software/hardware setup I need to get the boy rolling with head switches -- this because of the timing of the submission of request letter. And there are the really big items -- stander/walker or both, feeding chair, bathing seat, aug. comm. device. It seems likely that not all will be granted and that I'll still be propping the boy up in an odd configuration of pillows and my legs, both of us stuffed into the corner of the couch. I need to be thinking about a different place to live in part because I need to figure out how to have a bathroom that can be basically Q's; lifts, etc. that would take up the tub and render it useless for the rest of us. Ramps for his chair, especially since it seems pretty likely that he's going to use the thing with fervor and until he renders it useless and it will probably be the feeding chair. Which means getting it in and out of the house every day, sometimes several times a day. Guess it's time to up the ante with the free weights.

Small rant: I'm kind of tired of hearing commentary on this topic. He has a right to his experience, and an adequate one at that (we've already had a couple of occasions of "wear" showing on his tender little skin over his spine -- mostly relating to his bath chair), and perhaps we could determine whether or not he "needs" this equipment after someone else walks a mile in these here moccasins? That'd be great -- if you have any connections who could make that happen I think it might turn the therapy/insurance world on it's head. It's really overdue. (rowr)

Misc: Lots of cleaning up to do here. It would help if we were ever home. Violin isn't happening tomorrow, so we'll spend that time folding Mt. Laundry (only three baskets!), putting stuff away, and scrubbing floors/reorganizing our cubbies. What good is it to own all the crayons, pencils, glue sticks, and pens in the world if one can't find them because one(s) didn't put them back where they belong? Indeed.

The perpetual sorting thing is tough -- rather slow going with all those above, quite pressing issues to keep lined up daily. It's really... hard (understatement), finding old medical and dental paperwork, kids school papers (they were so little and cute and time is just flying by), giving away stuff that I might otherwise have kept -- baby clothes and other things that are just too hard to justify keeping in extremely limited space. Still, it seems as though it's multiplying every time I turn my back on it. Or perhaps I'm not getting rid of as much as I think I am. Anniversary presents and pictures, cards, certain toys and other kid things I'm finding impossible to part with. Their mere existence sort of reminds me that I'm not crazy.

A certain someone once interviewed (quite well) in Galveston. When Hurricane Ike was building toward the island, I kept running in to check out the Weather Channel, heart in my throat, shaking my head and thinking things like, "Is that the little amusement park he wanted to take the kids to see? Empty streets, lots of flooding. There but for the grace of God, man..."

At least we're not doing that. It sounds as though it's still a long road back to normal there. Goodness. Funny thing though; I'd rather be rebuilding a physical existence, intact, than sorting one out of boxes. What's the saying? Something like: If you have problems money can fix, you don't have problems. Yeah. We're all doing different kinds of disaster recovery, I guess.

Which brings me to: We're in court tomorrow -- or rather, today, Wed-nes-day (I'm still in the "sounding it out" mode for the first grader so we can talk, a-gain, about how nutso it is to spell it one way and pronounce it another. And who made these weird rules? Anyhoo...). I don't think this date is any bigger deal than any other part of a divorce proceeding. (Which is to say that it sucks nuclear troll toe jam.) Your thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated as always.

Maybe I should simultaneously burn stress and take advantage of the buyer's market and go house shopping in Galveston? (cheeky grin) That would require some serious juggling of finances and support networks, though. Not happening.

I hope you rest well. Hug your honey extra tight. Or, if you went to bed at a normal hour, give him/her an extra big smooch as you send him/her out the door or welcome him/her home again.

Sweet dreams and blessings to you. 'Night.

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Zoo Keeper said...

Amen to your small insurance rant. I had insurance deny covering Jude's contact lenses, which were actually prosthetic lenses...tried to tell me they were cosmetic. Ummm... he was 18 months old at the time and blind without them.

I think the insurance people get a special circle in hell.