Friday, October 31, 2008

C'est la vie, again

Q didn't sleep much last night and as a result I'm sort of racketing around in my head. I should be much farther down the path of my day, but it's hard to be organized about much of anything when one can't spell or focus or speak in complete sentences. You think I jest? I'm pretty sure that the dental and therapy people we saw today could attest to my version of events -- it's all in the eyes, folks, the bloodshot eyes. Oy.

Anyhoo, the kids are bigger and more able to help and things move on. I'll get the math tests graded over the weekend which I'd hoped to get to last night, and generally things shall improve. I'm planning that the boy's stuffy head will disappear like magic (poof) and that everyone else will just decide that a change of scene requires enormous relaxation of attitudes and spirits. And by the end of the weekend, our little jaunt toward the mountains will have refreshed us all. Starting... now.

I've been enjoying the comments on the previous post. Comfort and it's friend Gratitude are so important. Q's physical therapist spoke examples today of a sugar squash with bleu cheese, or a portabello mushroom, grilled, with onions and garlic and more bleu cheese. Yum-a-licious. Keep 'em coming, folks. We'll spin this into a gathering of good stuff and before we know it, things will improve all over. Sometimes the words themselves are huge, you know?

The great lesson is that the sacred is in the ordinary, that it is to be found in ones daily life, ones own backyard.
-- Abraham Maslow

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