Friday, September 21, 2007


K, hollering, "The biggest p*nis in the world is as big as an elephant!"

G's rejoinder: "No it's not! It's the size of my pinky!"

WHAT ON EARTH? Adrenaline surging, running, listening for clues...

They were arguing about peanuts, of course, and K had her mouth full of apple.

Oh, thank God. At least we can hold off on that particular discussion 'til we hit the whale section of biology.

They've already moved on to arguing about the largest planet in the history of the universe.

I like it here. (grins)


Dy said...

Ah, the things we think we heard. We do that quite a lot - I'll think the boys have said one thing, and I'm mortified (or at the very least, a little stunned and trying not to giggle), and then I find out it was something *entirely* different... and leave the children wondering why I keep laughing and shaking my head.

Wouldn't have it any other way, though. ;-)


Hillary said...

How funny!

I'm glad you blogged that, so you'll always remember. :) I read through old entries, and am always surprised by how many things the kids have said/done that I'd completely forgotten. I'm always glad I wrote them on the blog to remind me. :)

Anonymous said...

C--Blessings and prayers with you tonight. Go look at your little ones after they are asleep and I think you will regain your perspective on the sucker punch : (.

And the story about the wee ones raising your adrenaline is hilarious.

We are all with you in spirit and only wish we could be with you IRL to help you stand firm in this gargantuan task--raising great children for His glory in the midst of the yuckiness of the world around you.

Let us together lift up our eyes to the hills, from whence cometh our help. (I prefer KJV for bracing verses like this!)

S. in WA

Kelli in TN said...

Before my littlest guy got going good with speech therapy he said some doozies!! I spent a lot of time say "Honey, WHAT did you just say?"

Enjoy your punkins!!

Anonymous said...

I was not so lucky. At the zoo, we were watching the elephants and the bull was feeling frisky. So the little boy we were with said, "There is his p*nis." Then, on que, my dd ask, "What is a p*nis?"

At least we entertained a man who was standing nearby. I am surprised he did not fall over in laughter at the look on my face.

Melissa in NC

Aragorn said...

(((C))) Your children are hilarious. I am glad you keep a record of these moments--your children will bring a smile to your face on the very grayest day. I am glad you have them, and they, you. Prayers for you today and this week--may God bless you.

sleepy jeanne said...

Too cute. Kids are so funny :-)

My son used to be obsessed with sticks. Always talking about them..."where's my stick?"..."I need a new stick!"..."look at my big stick!"

Only he couldn't make the "st" sound, he pronounced it with a "d"!

I know you're wading through a lot of "poo" right now, and I'm so grateful that your kiddos are able to provide you with some comic relief.

I'm on your side, C. Your strength amazes me.

amy@thefoilhat said...

LOL - enjoy the peanuts. It's only a matter of time until they discover Uranus and it's all downhill from there. ;) Ask me how I know?

Zoo Keeper said...

I heard my 5yo explaining the anatomy of the male to a couple of eight year old girls in a line for kickball this spring.

Lovely. Lots of fun warning their moms about what their future conversations might include.

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Once, when at the park with the whole crew, including Daddy, my husband came and whispered, "Honey, it's just terrible, but that little boy just said 'f---' when his mom told him it was time to leave." I looked around and noticed our little one's TRUCK and called our youngest over. "D, can you tell Mommy what that is?" I asked as I pointed at the TRUCK. "F---" he exclaimed loudly with gusto. Not sure if my husband was relieved the other boy hadn't actually meant f--- or if he was mortified that ours had said it!

Then... a couple of days ago, a young woman (unmarried, no children yet) was walking her large dog. They stopped to chat and the male dog became VERY excited at the thought of playing with two children. Yeah. Since he was a large dog his, ummmmm, excitement was incredibly obvious. The ensuing conversation and declarations had me in stitches and our neighbor blushing.

From the mouths of babes! Laugh hard and hearty!

K in Cali