Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This made me bawl. I just love her. I wish I had something else useful to say here, but I'm afraid that at any attempt I'd just start crying again.

(Sound of heralding trumpets) I'm going to take down my CafePress shop--under the SHOP heading to your right. It's rather mocking me these days. In what, nine months? I've made exactly $17, none of which I've actually seen, because they don't pay "shopowners" until they hit at least $25. Plus, the magnificent camera is out of commission (sniff), so no hope for anything new to add. And, I wish it was more, somehow. There are probably better sites, but my focus lies elsewhere. Take a last look. As soon as I can get around to doing it (could be next year--snort), I'm done with my little experimental foray into photography. I was very proud of my technology-challenged self in getting all the pictures together and all, but there's just no time for sentimental dithering. Tra la la.

Off to read bedtime stories (no crying), do meds and sniff Q's neck (no crying), and tuck the little angels in (definitely no crying allowed). Hmm. When my expectations have dropped this far, whaddya think--maybe I'm tired?

What're the rules for this broken heart thing again? If you have a link, please, to some sort of enlightening information...

Rest well.


© 2003-2007 Mental multivitamin/M-mv said...

Wishing you peace and thanking you (again) for the encouragement (the link to M-mv and kind words). Best regards.

Melissa (MFS)

Anonymous said...

Just take one day at a time.

Anonymous said...

No rules for the broken heart thing. Time. Take time to remember the love, grieve, then look to your future and all thats all you can do. Period.
Best wishes~
Taylor W.