Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor days

Madame Mental multivitamin is always a good stirrer of thoughts, but there are two that I'm finding particularly, well, awesome.

The first should be viewed only if you're not squeamish. Or if you've ever faced a writing deadline. Even if you are squeamish, the looming deadline business should jolly well cancel that out. Heh.

The second is a call to arms for those of us dedicated to our children's success--particularly in learning. If you're a teacher by profession, if you're busy supervising your offspring's undertakings, if you just love your babies, you'll find her entry a respite. Dealing with kids sometimes requires a retreat into one's own head in order to simply recharge before taking on the daily-ness all. over. again. Madame M-mv presents ample inspiration as we slip from summer to fall, whether you have your children in your own family-centered learning project, or you're doing something more like packing lunches and sending them to a classroom.

For a final rounding out of your soul, read here, here, and here. Now tell me you don't feel ready to take on whatever will present itself. Mm-hmm. I know. The rest of her unblog is the same, more or less. Meander on through.

So. Go forth. Enjoy your Labor Day, then enjoy your labors. The fruits are always good, a break in routine is nice, but remember to enjoy your labors. If they are worthy of your time, they are worthy of your pleasure. Choose well, then revel, baby.

(Okay, minus the act of scrubbing the toilet. But you know what I mean.)

Blessings, peace, rest, renewal to you.

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Thank you for the kind words and links to M-mv. This is such an encoragement to me.

Melissa (MFS)