Saturday, February 09, 2008


The boy slept better last night. He gets his last dose of oral steroids this evening. This will bring us down to only six meds to dose at bedtime. Woot! Here's to leaving this experience in the dust and moving on with much more fun stuff. Acting his age, for example. He seems quite committed to this. More on that in the coming weeks.

The card making was fun, I think, but I never even got close to the table (bad mommy) -- young ladies were making stuff like mad. We're wrapping the evening up with a laundry folding party. Or rather a laundry waving party. ...Might as well be walking on the sun... Nothing like dancing while whirling a shirt over one's head. It's been too, too long. E was laughing breathlessly, "Mom! I didn't know you knew about music and stuff like this!"

Well. It's sad how moving and moving and colic and pacifiers and moving and poop and moving can rewire one's brain. Or maybe I'm just getting old. Horrors. Maybe I should go for a drive on the freeway, shrieking, with my head out the window, while tossing confetti. For old time's sake. Wait. The last time I did something like that both of us involved were nearly arrested and the driver got an enormous ticket. What? Don't look at me like that. We went back and scraped the paper off the frozen road in the middle of the night while at least one of the cops watched. Yeah, yeah. It was a college town, and co-eds were the entertainment/eye candy -- payoff for the police force having to put up with us. Or they could have been actually trying to make sure we weren't attacked or something.

Maybe it's not such a bad thing to leave those things in the dust, too. Lots of fun in the moment, but talking your way out of an angry policeman's glare while trying not to giggle is probably best left to those silly girls we were.

Goodness, but I'm tired. I've gotta go move a bookcase. And turn off "Hungry Like a Wolf." That's not terribly appropriate for little ears, now is it?

It appears I'm feeling a little, erm, rebellious (restless?) this evening. Zero cutting loose will do that to a person, I hear. Time to find some new solutions before my head cracks open. Give me some ideas, people. I'm out of practice.


Needleroozer said...

Well, of course you will have expected me to say this, but a good afternoon's worth of creating art for art's sake would definitely help. Give me a call sometime, and we can work on it. Other than that, doing something little for yourself every day is important. I know it is tough, but you know you can only hold it all together for so long without some kind of relief. Dancing while doing laundry is very good for your soul.
Love and hugs,

BBA said...

Hey What's brown and stickey? Give up... A stick. Well it's good for a chuckle! Just pick the battle some just aren't worth the fight;)