Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Q is down, thoroughly medicated, only coughing a little thanks to the NEB meds. Started Xopenex and Pulmicort earlier this evening after a bath failed to clear him out sufficiently. The breath sounds are high but sound a little like a creaky freighter. I didn't hear anything alarming in his actual lungs. With both a history of bronchiolitis which would make him vulnerable to respiratory issues and a brother with asthma, this makes me a little alert. He's been out for about half an hour which either means the meds are working well and he'll sleep all night, waking up a freer breathing boy, or he's gearing up to be awake at 3am again.

Whatever. I've got to go finish up some paperwork. What does one do when the government insists that they need things that don't exist? One finds a more reasonable person in the office. Having some experience working in government, if you find a more reasonable person, you should really get a picture of the two of you together. Why? Because he or she is likely a temp employee and won't exist when you return to inquire why your paperwork was marked as incomplete when you clearly, precisely followed what the reasonable person asked you to do.

Sheesh. Thank God the house isn't too awful tonight. I'm just flat out of energy to do the nightly tidy up. And never mind the laundry. Everyone has plenty of clean clothes to get us through the next couple of days. There's piano in the morning. Have to make sure I have Q up in time for the nebulizer before we go...

Pray for us, will you? Thanks so much, and back at ya.


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