Thursday, February 07, 2008

After the office visit...

Being sick, Q has dropped a couple of pounds. I suspect some of it is due to hydration (the nose as faucet), which I'm working on with diluted juices. Plus which, we've been waiting on supplement info from a nutritionist which (who?) seems to have disappeared into the ether. However, the pediatrician has gotten the ball rolling in a big way: her MA got on the phone with the company which produces the particular supplement the doc is interested in Q having and they'll "just take care of it." (whew)

We're back to Albuterol and Pulmicort. The ER doc thought the Pulmicort unnecessary, since the chest x-ray was clear and the Prednisolone would be much more effective, systemically. The Pediatrician wants the boy to continue the meds as is (both steroids), and we're trying the Albuterol over the Xopenex because he seemed to have responded to it much more quickly (ER) than he did the Xopenex (home). So far, the clonus/tremoring has not been dramatically increased with one med vs. the other.

He has not done well getting food down this evening, so the Just For Kids samples are in use. I'm off to administer the next round of things and get E baking the interminable supply of Amish "Friend"ship Bread we seem to be enjoying.

More later.

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