Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Ups and downs, happy and cranky, messy and tidy. I feel as though I should be writing such phrases into a musical about motherhood. Q has had a wild sleep "schedule" lately. Over the weekend he slept badly and then, out of the blue, eight and a half hours in his very own bed. Last night was not so great, so since we seem to be alternating nights for restlessness vs. sacked out hard REM sleep, I'm thinking maybe tonight's the night. For me! To sleep! (Break out the chorus line here.)

Q's therapy people both canceled for tomorrow. Seems 'tis the season for little ones to be generous with their germs and both will be out for a few days recovering. So my darling aunt is coming over in the morning to stay with Q who may or may not be sleeping while I take whomever else is ready with me. K is having her spacer checked out, maybe removed. She's hopeful. I think she might need a little more room created in there.

G has OT in the morning, which he really seems to love. Maybe the "dino wars" he gets to wage there have something to do with it. Then we'll be home again to move more furniture in my never-ending quest to create a house full of wheels-friendly space. The girls and I will sit to do some more school (G is working on self-discipline in this arena), and then off to tumbling.

It's been far too long since I posted a real Gratitude List. Since having everyone asleep at the same time (and before one in the morning!) makes me feel all giddy and expansive and unreasonably optimistic, here goes...

I am grateful for:
A venue in which to write, kvetch and exult in life.
Flannel sheets.
Healthy kidlets.
Good meds, dosed in a timely fashion, by people who are paying attention. The combination is truly a lifesaver.
That I know "stuff" like -- sternal retractions and "belly breathing" mean it's time to go to the ER. Like, how to ask questions when I don't know the answers. How to cut flowers underwater so they'll last longer. How to make my babies laugh, even when they're trying to be all pre-teen-y, pitching attitude. How to whip up a delicious, satisfying meal with whatever happens to be in the pantry (thanks, mom). How to split and stack wood and start a fire with one match. How to make pretty things. How to scratch tender backs, tuck in little wounded (tired) egos, and snuggle in between three little bodies at three a.m.
A warm place to be, with people who love us.
Color(s). All of 'em. Certain colors are more appealing to me than others, but I can't nail it down to a favorite. I love color.
Internet access.
Our local library and the patient people there who answer endless questions from me and mine.
Smart people who write good books. Smart people who talk to me, sharing insight and empathy and sometimes even their Starbucks. (grins) I am renewed by these interactions.
The nameless thing that keeps me excited about my life, such as it is, and always looking for new ways to do, learn, be, understand or create.
All the folks I know who are on more or less the same path thanks to their own version of the latter.
A church in which my kidlets can get to know God, in which the people are earnest, imperfect seekers, filled with a common vision and kindness.

Look at that list! I am blessed, blissed, fortunate indeed. Thanks for riding this rollercoaster with me, folks. Your presence is bolstering.

Rest well.

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