Monday, February 18, 2008


Q is lying on the floor, on a nest of blankies, wrapped in more to keep warm, playing like a task-oriented child, with some beads strung off his Baby Einstein caterpillar music toy. I've had him asleep twice already and my back is whining at me as a result. And let's be reasonable: how long can one expect to walk the floor with a limp 25 lb bag o' sugar in one's arms before just running out of steam? Does the time of day have anything to do with the rate at which one approaches exhaustion?

I just wanna sleeeep. I wanna curl up in between those flannel sheets, pull those covers up over my ears, and just. sleep. At an hour at which one might expect to sleep. Instead of somewhere around 2 am. Or whenever the boy decides to finally collapse. Wah.

Still with the beads. Lots of yanking and waving there. Lots of bopping the nice buttons on the caterpillar's belly to make the lights and music go.

I'm going to try to sneak under a blanket on the couch and see if he'll let me nap a little before he needs something again.

(Have I mentioned that sleep deprivation is my least favorite form of torture? I have? You don't think me pathetic, do you? Please say no, even if you're whispering about me behind your hand. I'll pretend. Wah.)


(A momentary pause in the hilarity in the next room. Ah. The beads are waving, the fake orchestra playing earnestly once again. All is well.)

Wah wah wah. Wah wah-wah. Wah-bitty-wah. Wah wah wah.

There go my language skills. Sigh. (Buh-bye! Nice knowin' ya!!) On the bright side, lesson planning is done well into March so maybe I'll have recovered myself by the time I have to be, you know, all language-y again.

'night. God bless.



Anonymous said...

DEEP and profound empathy here!If only people could send packages of sleep like chocolate chip cookies, some would be headed your way now. ('Course I don't have any in my cupboard either, I'd have to pick it up from Safeway.)May God strengthen your hands so you can cope despite bone-wilting fatigue!
Love from Karina

Melanie said...

Aw I'm so sorry. That is torture...luckily I don't suffer from that too much because of Daniel. Lonnie does most of the night issues with Daniel as I have a hard time sleeping anyhow so he tends to let me sleep when he can.
Caffeine always works for me, and hopefully this will pass soon. At least he is playing quietly by himself and not wanting you to dance aroudn the room with him! :)

amy@thefoilhat said...

I hope you got a little nap at least. Sleep deprivation is truly the worst form of torture. I like Karina's idea of sending a sleep care package - wish I could send you one. ((()))