Friday, November 16, 2007

Notes to self:

Be where you are.

Do what you can. The rest is simply fodder for torture.

Be kind to self and others.

Wear shoes when kicking things.

Read. Think. Learn. (and buy her awesome stuff)

Know whereof you pontificate. And pray, staple your lips shut if you do not. (I know I'll be packing a pocket stapler for just this purpose.)

Say yes. Say yes. Say yes. As often as humanly possible.

Work hard, play harder.

Love like you'll never have another chance. You very well may not.

Take notes for later. When thinking will really happen.

Set your sights a little higher, your aspirations a little grander. Better to risk failing big than to be sure in succeeding small.

Be careful when playing soccer with big mean boys.

Tell the truth. Bear in mind that it may not be well received. Tell it anyway, but be as kind as you can without selling your soul.

Avoid battles of wits with wounded people. It can only engender further agony.
At your earliest convenience, get a mind-wipe.

Go skipping with the children. It helps burn cortisol and adrenaline and always ends in gales of giggles.

Say thank you. Thank you. And thank you.

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