Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ah, sweet boy...

Look up a certain Irish name and listen to it here. Lovely, isn't it?

His daddy has that coloring--dark hair (curls) and eyes, light skin with sometimes rosy cheeks. Before the boy was born, I knew that he would truly need all the help he could get, so when I spotted "bright, fit physique, fifth born" in the baby book and saw that it had an Irish origin, I couldn't very well leave it there, could I? For good measure, his middle name means "friend of God." It was one of a gazillion baptized names of a certain long-ago composer and is currently being shortened as a first name by some very lovely people--a good pedigree, in other words. (smiles)

Anyway, better go get him down. For the night, not off the ceiling or anything. He wishes. He's been chortling wildly and protractedly with G, but seems to be running out of steam.

Remember to "fall back" tonight. And snuggle down tight with your honey--winter seems to be looming, doesn't it? Brrrrr...


1 comment:

PariSarah said...

Oh, kiss that boy, C. Plant a big, smoochie, wet one on each of his cheeks for me!

He's so lucky to have a mama to love him like you do.