Saturday, November 03, 2007

Art or Design or What is Going On Here?

This is worth the time you'll spend reading. Upon whatever you may base your opinions on these matters, just make sure you have at least one. A basis, that is. It's kind of like this: I enjoy bumperstickers. Would I have one? Well, I currently boast zoo and AAA clings in my rear window, but that's it. I can tell you that I'd consider only these two, were they out there somewhere: VOTE and Expect Miracles. I don't much care what your precise opinion is on the whole "prosti-tot" issue, so long as you have one and it's actually defensible. To sane and sober people, not to the proprietor of the local domin*trix shop, thank you very much.

My brain has been whirling lately with Things of Possibility. One of those things is the art I always thought I'd be ardently pursuing. While my head is thoroughly occupied with that train of thought, I'm also sharing this: I've been carrying Randy Dana's card in my wallet for about eight years, a talisman affirming that I have stuff I like too, planning to one day own something of his larger than a greeting card, as wonderful as those are unto themselves. I have a special fondness for the pears, but oh, the colors in all his work. We saw him (in person) a while back--he told me I was doing a beautiful job with my (observant and interested) kids and to keep up the good work. Talent and discernment! (blushing grins) Enjoy his site--it's a gallery, a foray into art escape.

This goes with my recent train of thought.

Boy. I'm noticing a trend here. What to do, what to do. (Hours later) Well, funny thing--a friend just asked if I'd like to do the illustrations for her children's story. Panic! Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something?

The froth in my brain has lately included designs for "shirt protectors"--bibs are for babies, and therefore passe. Yet the boy needs something to keep him dry. I have a sketch in red pen on a Post-it pad sitting next to me. Also, I've been fiddling with a plan for a good enclosure type blankie to go around a child and his chair. Q's OT has spoken about how the dilemma is always keeping both warm and dry in wheelchairs--often even parkas will allow rain to seep in and leave a kiddo with a cold, wet bum--predisposing an already barely mobile person to bedsores, among other things. My mom has a layered blanket--fleece, waterproofing, nylon layers, all bound together. I keep thinking that it could be modified to be somehow fitted around the chair and child for warmth and weatherproofing. Hmmm, again.

Perhaps I'm supposed to get cracking? I'm tired, I want to go to bed, not go get creative. I mean, I'm pretty busy keeping things level and happy here. I get all giddy about my lists and charts and schedules, not because I'm so enthralled with my genius (though hey, why not? snort), but because I have to be able to track stuff. I used to tell people that I need a plan from which to deviate. They would laugh and on we'd go. But I'm not kidding! It doesn't have to go as planned (Really. Spontaneity is good. Not easy, but worth it.), but without something set out to begin with, life gets messy fast. All the spreadsheets and color-coding stuff that I've been doing in one form or another since G was born are ways for me to make sure that I don't forget something. Without this stuff I feel like I am a mess. Of course, you'd probably look at it and shrug, thinking, "Huh? So you have a touch of OCD. Big deal." Welcome to my lovely brain. Is this TMI? How would I know, really? I don't have a spot for this fascinating discussion on my planner. (kidding)

Have a good sleep.



Lisa said...

Thanks for the artist link. His work is beautiful. One of my favorites is Tangerine Tea on gallery page three. It is reminiscent of Dutch painting which I love.

I am always trying to work my art back into my life, and forever wishing I was one of those who worked her life around her art. Being a list addict myself I understand the ocd comment. Fits me to a "t"!

Blessings on your inner struggle to find a place in your world for your creativity. The gift of art has seemed at times to be such a burden and yet, still such a blessing. It can be real therapy for the soul if we let it.


C said...

Lisa--Dutch painting! That's it!! This guy lives in an area notorious for it's bulb production and tulip festivals. I've tried and tried to put my finger on the thing that seems so familiar about his work--it's the Vermeer factor. ;o)

Blessings back at ya,