Friday, May 18, 2007


Well, the thing is gone. Hooray! Apparently, it was a sebaceous cyst. (gak.) I'm fine, the leg hurts, but good scrips are helping with that. It's all good--but I haven't done the first dressing change yet, so that could change. He was planning to excise about 3cm, so, ya know, yuck.

Reflections from the experience? If you ever need outpatient surgery, I'd happily recommend this place. The folks are really on top of everything, kind, sweet (very tolerant of my excessive post-anesthesia chattiness), and there's plenty of warm blankies to counteract the table which is apparently stored in the freezer overnight. I think that anesthesiologists are perpetually walking around with the best karma. What better job than to be always providing pain relief?

My mom took yesterday and today off to be here and help. Aside from getting to spend some time with her, which is always nice, it's really good to have an adult around that's ambulatory and able to drive (narcotics are a little inconvenient that way). I had friends here yesterday to haul me there and back and to help with school related stuff. It's all going peacefully and well.

Today we're going to do some school, Q will go to therapy, and I'm going to go tackle that dressing change, now that the Vicodin dose seems to be kicking in. Blech. I won't gag you with the details, but the prospect is fairly yucky. Think nice thoughts for me, will you? Thanks.

Have a lovely day. (smiling and waving)


Trivium Academy said...

Take your mind off your pain for a little bit (easier said than done, I'm sure) and tell me 8 Random Things about You.

You've been tagged!

: ) Jessica

Anonymous said...

I've had one of those cysts. Beware, they do ooze some nasty, smelly, stuff! I hope you are feeling better soon. Keep us posted on the court issue. Hope all turns out in your favor! Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us! Your kids are funny!

~Molly from WTM

~ V ~ said...

Oooh, I had one of those removed from my arm when I was in college. Next time we get together we can show each other our scars ;). Mine is only about a cm. though. Vicodin is good. I don't think they gave me anything that good for my procedure, but mine was just in the dr. office.

Feel better soon!