Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Business first: Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I'm feeling steadily better. (yay!) We're back in court next Monday. Could be a big deal, it's hard to say. Thanks for your continued support. I just want the best thing to happen for the kids, and it would be nice to have less stress. Now, on to the more fun things.

Last week, we were taking my mom to pick up her newly repaired car. After my mom invited G to ride in her car to our next stop, S, ever eager to do what the big kids do, hopped up out of her seat and said, "I will!" I started to say, um, okay, but before I could get anything out, she says, "It's okay, I volunteered."

So we're driving to co-op yesterday, headed down our famously twisty hill (aka: the race course, the roller coaster), when the kids spot a hill full of wildflowers. "Look!" says E, "A meadow!!" "Oh," says S, "how pretty..." Sighs and rapture. Around the next corner, "Look!" says S, "Another meadow! Of trees!!" Pause. Silence. E says, oh so very gently, "S. We call that a forest."

We get home last night and it's time to head straight for bed, since we have a tumbling show at a school this morning and of course, have chickens to feed, piano to practice, yadda yadda. So I'm shooing the very tired crew off to bed. S has been to the bathroom for the last time and is almost ready to sleep, but she's suddenly hungry. Ack! Would she accept a piece of toast and a little glass of milk? Yes, but "You're going to have to hurry, mama. I'm starving and if you don't be quick you might find me dead in my bed."

Belly laughs are my abs workout.

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