Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ask and it shall be given

I'm asking for prayers.

I'm trying very hard to be well, despite the throat thing I have going on right now. I'm supposed to have the thing off my leg on Thursday, which will require anesthesia and will therefore be a no go if I'm that S word I'm trying not to be. Rescheduling all that would be difficult in the extreme. I've taken some Airborne and will be shooting for more sleep tonight.

Actually, that brings up another issue: despite Q sleeping fairly well, considering, I'm suddenly not. I'm terrifically tired, but once awake with him around 6 or so, I am so wound up, for lack of a better term, that I can't go back to sleep. If I could, I'd have at least another hour or so. (Wah) Of course, that brings up the third thing.

There's more court on Monday morning. I'm praying for cool heads, wisdom for the judge, the best thing to happen. And patience and resilience for me.

What a pretty day today was. The flowers are just bursting. The pink columbines look like ladies' skirts with crinolines, bobbing and turning in the wind. The bees are hovering around the honey melon sage that my lovely mother-in-law brought me for an early Mother's Day present, acting like, for all that sweet scent, there sure should be some blooms to plunder. K's pink calla (she bought it herself) is snuggling down into the earth, sinking it's roots into sweet, dark dirt and blooming like it means it, pinker and pinker. The clematis has become positively virulent, crawling out into the lawn in search of new things to climb. Once redirected to the cedar, it has begun to make a run for the top, as if seeking escape from the confines of earth. Somewhere in the trimming of the dead stuff the tenant-less wasps nest got knocked out of the buddleia, much to the relief of the children (and their mama). They know more now about the workings of paper wasps than ever before, fascinated with the doings of the great outdoors. There was a bunny grazing on the lawn again this morning, breakfasting on new shoots of grass. We had rain late in the day, good for the morning glory starts, the just planted impatiens and Corsican mint, lemon thyme, and that blue flower, the one I can't remember over the chatting behind me... not lantana... lobelia. Yup. The peonies are suddenly tall and heavy with buds, the poppies all fuzzy and threatening to burst open any second, but still, not quite, waiting, nope, just another minute... Maybe they'll get soaked in the rain and not be able to contain those scarlet petals any longer. I can't wait. I'll post pictures.

This is, as I've said before, a beautiful place. Off to finish A Door in the Wall. Another good book with a great premise: there is always a way. Always.

Thanks for thinking of me and mine.

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sleepy jeanne said...

We really enjoyed A Door in the Wall, I'm looking forward to reading it aloud to the kiddos again the next time we cover medieval history.
Aaaaand, you commented on my blog...and linked me on yours...! I'm beaming :-)
Good luck today and Thurs.