Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Gore (of various types)

Well, the dressing/packing changing is wretched. My aunt, an RN (with her master's--an awesome former rehab nurse), is doing it for me every evening. Blessings on her. I'm fine throughout most of the day with just ibuprofen or nothing at all for pain (unless the dressing gets stuck and shifts), but the messing with it requires the big guns. My gratitude list currently includes Vicodin.

It would all probably have been much easier to handle had I been at all prepared for it. But a yard of stuff coming out of one's leg, followed by little spurts of blood conveniently moving in time with one's pulse is apparently rather too much for me. I nearly lost it. Really, really lost it.

Let's move away from that icky topic, shall we? Okay then.

Court was yesterday. I'm happy to have it overwith, hopeful that good things will come out of it. What to say... I'd imagine that there are some unhappy people out there right now. My comment on that? I guess there are consequences when one chooses to behave like a jackass and flout the law. Frankly, it's too bad that, just in general terms, more real consequences for real bad behavior don't get applied immediately. (Here's the disclaimer...) Not that that has anything to do with this. It's just that the principle of cosmic justice is lovely--it just takes so long. Perhaps I should get more patient.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. We're off to therapies, piano, and gymnastics. Wheee!

Have a bee-ooo-tiful day.


Anonymous said...

Dura Mater, I hope you are feeling well soon. I am glad that court went well for you!!!!!!!!!

ChristyB in AL

Old Dominion Heather said...

I'm glad to hear that court went well. I've been catching up on you and yours. I am flabbergasted with your turn of phrase. I think (you know, when you are just sitting around doing nothing) that you need to start writing a book. You are a relaxing writer to read.

Anonymous said...

YESSSS! Very glad to hear about court. Does this mean you don't have to relocate? I was afraid you'd be forced to move back down south.


andie said...

Oh, good.

Hope the leg feels better soon, too.

2lilreds said...

Finally some good news on the legal front! Woo hoo!

I wouldn't be able to handle the leg thing either. I had a cut on my thigh that spurted blood, just once, and it made me have to lie down. :-) You're doing great. Isn't it wonderful to have relatives in the medical profession?

Glad to hear the good news and I'll be praying for quick healing for your leg.