Thursday, March 01, 2007

Loose ends

First the news. Or perhaps lack thereof. We go back again later this month to finish figuring things out. Some progress was made (at least on paper) and we'll see what else comes with the next round. I'm asking for continued prayers and good thoughts, especially in the interest of sheltering my kids from whatever it is that feels (not is, but feels) like it's out there, stalking them. Blech. Thank you very much.

Second, I feel like I'm missing contact with people as we sort of fly past each other in our separate paths. I am so sorry to be basically losing touch! In some respects, my life is travelling in shrinking circles, in others, the circles are expanding. Nonetheless, I feel as though I'm not maintaining friendships or extended family relationships very well and even worse, that there just isn't much to be done about it. My plate (platter?) is extremely full, everyone I'm in touch with (read: my children) needs something from me (really not a bad thing in itself), and Q's evolving needs plus schooling the bigger kids takes all I have at the moment. I have a feeling that had I been new to homeschooling when the developments (ongoing) of 2005 hit, I wouldn't still be doing it. For one thing, Q needs enough all by himself that I would not have been able to keep the details straight, never mind energy levels.

It's hard to refill one's well on this kind of a schedule (she said ruefully, scratching her head).

Anyhoo, thanks very much for understanding, as most of you manifestly do. For not taking it personally, for continuing to call, write, email, be thoughtful and prayerful about us all the time. I wish that I could reach out a bit more, travel some with the kids, initiate visits and phone calls more. It appears that my initiation of those things are off the table, at least if I plan to remain sane. (And I do so love doing them!)

As I said at the beginning of this blog, do call, write, email, etc. Please do. (Because you, of course have no life of your own.) I just can only do this much, right here.

Third, I haven't done much replying to your comments. I am enjoying them immensely. The laughter is fantastic, the praise high, the fact that I can see you're reading and enjoying my telling of this corner of the world, all these serve to help me feel less disconnected. Or maybe I should say discombobulated? (broad smiles) Thank you for your kindness, suggestions, conversation. I treasure it all.

Thanks so very much for hanging in here with me and mine as we walk this path. I know that a train wreck (back to 2005) only holds so much appeal, so if you're still here, it must be for something other than shock value. (more grins)

You rock. (Yes you do, and you know it.)

I'm off to roust the screeching young ladies from their protracted baths and help G finish making us breakfast for dinner (hashbrowns, eggs, some kind of veggie meat, and pluots). We may have ice cream for dessert. Because it's snowing outside, that's why. (You're right, that makes no sense.) Hey, at least it's Ben and Jerry's, so no RBST amongst other icky things.

And Q needs something for his cold. Oh yeah.

Have a sweet, blessed evening. (Q says "aaayyyyye". Heh.)

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Squeaky said...

I would be interested to hear details of what the SPED teacher says about Q and hear what type of assessments they did with him. I'll show my ignorance here: What does RBST stand for? Anyway, ditto with the real busy and wanting to stay in touch more. This is the easiest way for me right now.