Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sleepy time

So here's the "end" result of my rant. (You knew I wasn't quite done, didn't you?)

Jessica shared a link that, should you feel the need to do something regarding the topics covered in my last two posts, will provide you with plenty of opportunities. Thanks, Jessica.

Hope your week is going well. We've had full, full days so far with MathLatinEnglishHistoryReading (breathe) SpellingArtHandwritingLogicWorshipmoreReading (gasp) plus the usual lessons, etc. There's another court date tomorrow morning (begging prayers, as usual) concurrent with my hauling the entire crowd in for flu shots (I found preservative free single doses at a local public health dept.). Wheeee! Dontcha wish you were me? Oh yes you do, you can admit it. (Alright, that sounds a little manic, doesn't it?) But wait, there's more.

A friend, another mama of five, sent flowers this week. They're technically from her family to mine, but I'm feeling rich and hugely blessed--having smashingly gorgeous roses on the table in a beautiful vase even while it snows outside. The card reads: Just wanted you to know that you are loved, thought of, and prayed for. Have a super wonderful day!!!

I'm thinking of asking her husband to check her back for wings.

Q has a special ed teacher coming to the house March 15th to evaluate his needs in social and cognitive development. The platform swing and bolster should have been ordered by now. The OT and I are bemused at this process. Apparently, the DDD should be paying for a lot of equipment and doing it more than a couple of items at a time. None of Q's therapists have heard of this "get something, use it a couple of weeks, get something else if the first set of stuff is working out" policy. After Q's unexpected and immediate success with the switch device during an OT visit, one wants to rush out and grab all useful equipment, especially since it seems that if these milestones are not met with more and increasing challenges in learning for Q, the steps and momentum are lost. It would be criminal to stymie the development of any child, but for Q everything is so hard won. . . He just needs the stuff he needs (like more than one kind and/or size of bolster), whether or not his needs come in pairs, spaced at regular intervals. Argh.

E finished a handwriting book this week and got to draw from "the prize bucket". G is closing in on the same (he gets to start calligraphy for real when he does) and he'll be starting a new math work book on Monday. S works herself through the oddest spurts in workbooks. She has a full year and a half before she'll "have" to do anything, but she's already most of the way through a bit of kindergarten, some first grade work, and was noticing tonight as I was reading Rilla of Ingleside aloud that A and B next to each other "come in age order". (Choke, splutter.) So we discussed what alphabetical order means and she giggled and giggled at letters lined up together just like their song! By this time, K was zonked. She'd had a big day--suddenly her spelling book is making loads of sense to her and she flew through two whole pages with only the smallest help from me. This plus plenty of memory work review and she'd had it, sweet girl.

I'm so glad the day is done and it's time for sleep. Q is in the living room, nearing the end of his two hour giggle and crow fest he's been carrying on with Grandma whilst I bedded down the other kiddoes. Baby laughter, belly laughs, chortles are a sweetly blessed way to end the day.

Thanks for thinking of us.

Sweet dreams to you and yours--prayers and extra kisses for your beloveds wherever they may be, whomever they are.

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