Monday, February 12, 2007


Because I am obsessive about this, here's some information for you. And? Whatever your state law happens to be, bear in mind that the laws of physics bend for no one. Thank you. I have to go take my meds now, lest the OCD become unbearable. Heh.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and American Academy of Pediatrics "Best Practice" Recommendations:

Infants need to remain rear facing until at least one year AND at least 20 lbs.

Keep the child in the convertible seat as long as they fall within the height/weight recommendations for the seat. Be careful not to graduate your child to the next seat too soon.

Booster seats, used with lap and shoulder belts, are recommended until the child is eight (8) years old unless they are 4' 9" tall. Be cautious not to graduate your child to a seat belt too soon.

Children 12 and under are safer in the back seat regardless of the presence of an air bag.

Always follow the manufacturers instructions and guidelines for both the safety seat and the vehicle.

For more information contact the Safety Restraint Coalition at:1-(800)-BUCK L UP (282-5587)

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