Thursday, March 15, 2007

(buuuzzzzz. . .)

As I was driving the kids to gymnastics this afternoon, I was trying to figure out a way to describe my mood. There are so many words, how to arrange them? It gelled as: a palpable hum of anticipatory oscillation.


In other words, I'm pretty sure that if you were standing next to me, you'd find it difficult to ignore the low frequency buzz emanating from my pores. There's a lot in the works these days. Much to be done, much expectation to be fulfilled. Thinks to think, sprouts to spring, chicks to hatch. Honest-to-goodness miracles to unfold. (Yeehaw. Hang on for the ride.)

Q will have OT early Monday, then we'll spend the day barrelling through school. Q will see the SpEd teacher Tuesday morning following S and K's dental appointments, then have ST while the bigger kids are in piano lessons. On Thursday he'll see the neurologist again. I'm going to ask for valium or something for his sleep--I think he's having background seizures because of lack of real rest. This would inhibit learning, introduce further sleep issues, affect his tone and motor skills. Apparently, with proper sleep management, some kids can avoid seizures for years and years. (Hope, hope, hope.) Friday he'll have PT again. We squeeze in rather a lot of schooling, especially considering our appointment schedules. There are other activities and appointments in the week as well, but including all those in the description just makes it all sound frantic and nuts when in fact, as long as we all get enough rest and down time, the whole thing flows nicely.

Q saw the pediatrician on Wednesday for a check-up/-in. I was asking for a referral to someplace that would help with feeding issues. After he was sick and was only nursing--taking no solids--for a few days, reintroducing solids became tough. It seems like he's struggling with managing his saliva. As he takes his meds best in 1/2 ml increments, this isn't too much of a surprise. The initial success he had with liquids from the sippy cup hasn't been replicated--yet. When he does solids consistently, he does pretty well, skills-wise. The thicker the food (still pureed), the better he does in getting it to travel back on his tongue and down his throat. But the thicker the food (infant oatmeal cereal is his favorite for achieving this), the easier it is for him to become constipated, or at least have "overly filled" his little system. On two solid meals a day, he's clearly having trouble moving solids on through to elimination which means his whole GI tract suffers--if it's full, reflux is more of a problem, sleep drops off, etc. The negative feedback loop completes, ad nauseum. So. I have phone numbers for the feeding/nutrition clinic and for the ENT clinic at the nearby children's hospital. I'll be calling in the morning to set all that up.

I guess that's it for now.

Hope you and yours are well, grateful for each other, reveling in what is. Hugs and prayers to you.

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