Friday, July 28, 2006

Wish List

After much consideration, I've decided to post a wish list. It will be revised from time to time and no, I adamantly do not expect you to rush out and address this. The reason I'm writing this down is that I tend to forget stuff that I like (betcha can't guess why) and then, when people ask what do I need/want, I stand there like the sleep-deprived mama I am, scratching my head, thinking to myself, "Huh. I know there's stuff I like. There has to be stuff I need. What could it be?"

The last time I wrote down a very specific wish list, "we" ended up remodeling a house which, by gum, ended up meeting each of the items on my list (and more), though certainly not in the precise fashion I'd envisioned. When these things happen, it's Providence. I do like His work.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite things (think Oprah here)...

Gift certificates to The Children's Place. I am astonished every time I hit their clearance sales at how much decent clothing I can get for four (now five) children with only $100-$150. Five bags last time, if I recall correctly. It's amazing.

The same for Target. Cheap shampoo, hair things, wipes, clearance clothes, shoes, puzzles, toys, presents, sunblock, school supplies, bandaids, furniture, yaddayadda.

The same for Amazon. The kids can always use more nifty books and music. I was looking at Baroque CDs there earlier this evening. Love it.

Amy's soap. My skin is softer since I started using the Dragon's Blood bar (and it was a prize, so it makes me feel extra special). Who doesn't like softer skin? And it smells veddy, veddy nice.

Philosophy lip gloss. Also, the marshmallow cream lotion (slurp). And all the stuff I got for my birthday last year--thank you, thank you, you know who you are. XOXOXO.

Origins Ginger Souffle lotion. Ahhhh...

Bookcases. IKEA has some lovely ones. I could almost always use more shelf space.

A twelve passenger van. The only thing is, the standard models, even the newer ones, don't appear to have headrests. Hybrid would be nice (ha). I would also want side-curtain airbags. Call me paranoid, I don't care. The events of the last year engender that in a person. Besides, one only needs tangle with one deer and subsequently be hit by a pickup/camper pulling a full horse trailer in order to know that never again does one want to contemplate the median grass looming large in the windshield, much less the oncoming traffic, much less what might have happened were the family not traveling in a full-size van at the time. So I could use a bigger vehicle with safety features. My kids are going to be tall and they have stuff to haul. Also, we would sometimes find it convenient to be able to travel with other people we like in the same vehicle, instead of always having to take at least two cars/vans. Twelve passenger vans are very expensive, and I am very broke with no immediate prospects, but I'm putting it out there and praying over it. One never knows. His eye is on the sparrow, right? Why not my five little ducks? Or rather, His five little ducks.

And, whilst putting in my order with the universe at large... I could use more patience, good chocolate, sleep, good reading material, and energy. A personal assistant would be nice.

Lastly, most importantly, I want my family intact. I realize that there are many possible manifestations for grace in this. I cannot presuppose anything in this regard; free will being what it is. There are other folks who hold opinions on this matter and they will continue to make their choices, whatever they may be. I just would give truly anything to have my little flock whole. I do know that God is all about healing and restoration. I toss this up to Him over and over again, daily, hourly, moment by moment. I fail all. the. time. But tomorrow begins anew as the Father awaits the prodigal in each of us, so on we go. On I go.

That's it so far.

Peace be unto you, unto your sweet punkins and your beloved. Rest well.

Addendum: I'm thinking about collapsible jogger strollers. Q is a big kid and I would like to be more mobile with my whole group. Such equipment enables that. Also, thinking about a bike trailer and a baby backpack--special issues to be addressed there as he does not sit yet.

I am having a fascination with piano sheet music these days. I play while holding Q (he sits propped on my lap) and he seems to benefit from both the audio and visual aspects of the experience. I would like piano music for Largo from Xerxes (Handel) and Adagio in G minor (Albinoni).

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