Sunday, July 16, 2006

Self titled

Tell me this isn't the sweetest picture you ever saw. C'mon. Can't do it, can you?

The monkey was a gift from his daddy. It hung over the isolette in NICU and is that super soft plush fabric. Earlier, Q had been sucking on the cloth banana the monkey is holding in it's tail--good variable textural stimuli.

Yes, that really does say "angel" on his crib bumper. Actually, it says "angel baby," (thanks to the luverly friend who sent the whole crib set) but his chubby self is hiding that second part. His hands were in fists (not usual when he's sleeping, intermittent when awake, something we're working on in therapy) because I'd been messing with him, so he wasn't all puddingy and relaxed. The pillow is for reflux issues--he doesn't use it all the time. It has gingham stars appliqued on it and says "angel baby" too.

Couldn't you just eat him up? With a spoon? And nibble those cheeks? You should just see his little smile. Or hear him crow and laugh when he gets excited to see or hear one of his favorite people. Aren't they the most precious when they're like this? Sighing with awe...

I won't be posting pictures of my kids' faces, for a wide variety of reasons, but this one was too good to keep. When one figures out how to do such lofty things as post pictures to one's blog, how better to celebrate than with the sweetest picture you ever did see? I'm so excited that I can do this--I want to be just like Ree (wink) over at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, but I have a feeling that first I have to learn some code. That will really stretch my brain.

This is great--this is the kind of thing that prevents Alzheimer's, you know! Off I go to learn some more stuff. Perhaps this time it will be how to put links in the text? No, too lofty for the lateness of the hour. How about the sidebar thingy for showing other blogs, etc.? Okay, then, here I go skipping away. Wheeeeeee!!!!! :o)


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