Saturday, July 22, 2006

Shhh--we're sweating

What's quieter than a van full of children, baby asleep (wiped out from therapy and splint fittings), with errands being run immediately following a trip to the library?


I could actually hear myself think. Then I got scared. Apparently, my brain could use a little WD-40. Or something. It's just too durned LOUD where I live for me to notice the squeaking in my cranium most of the time.

Ahhhh. It lasted the rest of the afternoon. The quiet, that is. Who knew it could be that easy?

Have I mentioned how much I love the library? Part of that reason is that they have air conditioning for when it's 95 or hotter and home does not. Trader Joe's also has AC, plus they have nice juices and today, gelato samples. They are lacking books, however.

But the library? They have books, AC, and a padded rocking chair in the kids section. They are also in possession of a very patient children's librarian who didn't say anything at all when I continued to read aloud the Pippi Longstocking book E had propped on her lap opposite me through a poopy (nursed baby) diaper change--which took place on my lap in said rocking chair. The girls were rapt (story). So was Q (diaper). So were the other very young children (Q's diaper) in the vicinity and so, though trying hard not to appear so, was their pregnant mama. I know what she was thinking as she observed our little tableau. She was wondering if she has time to grow a third arm before her next one arrives.

I bet she was there for the air conditioning too. The books are a real bonus, don't get me wrong. Ordinarily, we'd go there just for the books, you understand. But today it was really all about not frying any of my wee people. Or their poor mother's squeaking brain. Which she would never have known she had were it not for the lovely books. Tra la!

I think the heat is getting to me.


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