Monday, July 31, 2006


A quick update on Q...

The splints did not fit a week and a half ago, the tech hadn't gotten to them last week, so they probably won't fit this next time (Friday) either. Perhaps by the time we get them, Q won't need them!? That would be just lovely. Truly.

The boy seems to be suffering from increasingly bad GERD. I have a Zantac Rx, which he hates. And who can blame him? It's violently minty and he can smell it coming. He chokes and gasps his way through, trying not to swallow it. Poor baby. He doesn't usually do that with meds. Hopefully, it will at least afford him some relief as I try to figure out what else I could do instead. Maybe an upper GI study? Sigh...

Therapy continues apace. I've tucked his arm up and under mine to nurse, which is the more natural position for babies. He has tried to keep his little wings tight to his sides, which make them tighter still, of course, besides making an uncomfortable dent in my ribs. Since I started doing that, I've noticed that he sleeps with his arms out to the sides more, fingers unfurled. This seems to be translating to his having an easier time balancing his arms while on his belly and grasping at objects, which is fairly new. Yay!

We do "This little piggy" while I'm "milking" his fingers and working that thenar emminence. We do patty-cake while I make his hands or feet go--he loves it. He orients his arms differently when I start the rhyme, and his tone changes. Based on his ability to react to finger/hand play, I decided to start doing a little sign language with him. I take his hand and sign, "eat, please," "thank you, mommy." It's little steps, but I hear those are the ones that carry climbers up Everest.

We've had the greatest time laughing lately. He likes to coo and gurgle as sonar--waiting for someone to respond in kind. When the response is giggles (especially from the sisters) he just chortles back. It's awesome. And it does a mama good to join in--baby laughs are so infectious.

I'll be back with more later. I've got to get my head on the pillow before the dreaded GERD thing rears it's ugly head in the wee hours.

Peace, blessings, laughter to you and yours.

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Pam in MD said...

C, these are what you want, I think. Your "younger olders" will enjoy them as well.