Friday, July 07, 2006


Hurrying... the baby can only remain ecstatic on his boppy pillow for so long.

It was with great glee that I noted yesterday enroute to piano lessons, passing by a cemetery, the stands of scarlet crocosmia at the entrance. The variety...wait for it..."Lucifer."

It's a good thing no one else resides in my head. I'm pretty sure that I'd be locked up by now for my odd take on the most ordinary of things. Or perhaps I'm just saying out loud what the rest of the population is afraid to admit? Let's go with that, shall we? It'll make me feel less conspicuous. What would make a person plant any plant, gorgeous though it may be, called "Lucifer" outside a cemetery?

I've just piled cherries and caesar salad and mustard potato salad onto the kids' table out in the shade. They have sophisticated tastes for a bunch of kneebiters. Time for lunch. I've just finished mine, because the mama eats while she runs. It was multigrain toast with mushroom brie. Ahhh... I love cheese. We'll have juice and cookies for dessert, chocolate chip of course. And S will pick the chocolate out and leave the cookie. That girl knows what she wants and doesn't settle for anything less. Maybe we'll have berries and angel food cake instead. Hmmm. Depends on how many cherries the kids eat.

Q had therapy this morning and... I'll be back. I'm being paged to the great outdoors.

What a gorgeous day.

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