Friday, May 01, 2009

Popping in

EEG scheduled tomorrow. It's supposed to be a sleep sample, so I'm hoping the fact that he did not nap today, dropped off in his tiny recliner about nine this evening and is still sleeping now means that he's getting up at about seven, raring to go, will vroom through PT at eleven, and be flat exhausted just as they finish attaching the electrodes -- sometime around one.

Q falling asleep early afforded me about three hours of general tidying, laundry folding, sorting, and sweeping, done at a dead run. Housework, when performed properly, makes for a great workout. Especially when begun with a haircut for a squirming punkin and a bath for the same, with repeat washings of the newly trimmed hair so the leads will stick properly.

I know I had more to tell, but I'm about done in. There's more to finish in the morning before therapy and the dash to the lab, so I'm turning in.

Prayers, please, that they'll get what they're looking for tomorrow, so we don't have to do an inpatient study. Thanks much. Hope you're enjoying a good sleep now and will have a lovely Friday. Extra hugs for those littles and their mamas and/or papas.

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