Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bucket list

U2. I have loved Joshua Tree for-evah. Most of their albums are good, but Joshua Tree defined some things for me way back when. Someday I'd like to get to hear them live.

Funny thing about the whole Bucket List concept. I used to want to drive an Ultramarine blue wee little Porsche down the Autobahn. I used to think that would really be cool. Yes I did. Then I met this guy and I could somehow see babies, marching up behind him, just as clear as if they'd been standing there. And I haven't given a rat's patootey about the Porsche scenario since. Not that it wouldn't be cool, of course. Too cool for school. But... I'll take the minivan that I once fretted over (image, you know), stocked with things like extra diapers and Q's liquid supplement/meal, because we like to think of ourselves as spontaneous and want to be prepared for whatever he needs. I'm only too happy to be cleaning out a sometimes sticky eight passenger vehicle. There's really not much left that isn't all about those babies, including the one who's taller than me. And I'm so good with that. I always knew that I wanted to be wife and mom, embracing hearth and home and beloveds, but I had no clue until I had them how much a person is willing to let go, completely without regrets, in order to do what the family needs.

So yeah. U2. After the next round of braces and shoes and stuff. Or not.

(Not that we should all jump up and find ways to eradicate our grown-up wants and needs, our personalities. Nu-huh. I've got plenty to say about that. The G-rated portions I've already written about, so I'll just let you imagine what details you may...)



Swims With Elephants said...

Should I tell you that I saw U2 in concert on their Joshua Tree tour in college? A friend and I drove to Arizona from La Sierra to see them.

You know... isn't it strange how that works? The life we planned for and the life we get... do they ever really coincide? And would you want them to?

C said...

Noooooooooo!!! ;oD