Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's May

Well, that part is over. The EEG went really well. He did not fuss, at all, unless you count the part where he did not especially like the leads being removed. After a record of almost twleve straight hours of sleep, you would not expect that he would nap, right? Wrong. Ha! I can hardly believe it myself, but thank you for thinking good thoughts and offering prayers on our behalf. I'm sure the very active PT session immediately preceding the trip into the lab helped. When it was time to go, the EEG guy (so incredibly nice) told me that "it was a real pleasure." Aw. Way to make a mama's day. Q was smiley and obliging and cooperative and it really was a good experience, especially for something that involves that much measureing and marking and adhesive on a little head.

Which is a really good thing, because he's got another one scheduled for Monday afternoon. My only concern at this point is that he's got a tiny little raw spot in the middle of his forehead where the adhesive caught. I'm hoping it will be healed up in time for the next session. It's almost too much to hope for, but maaaybe Monday will go as well as today did? Again, prayers are appreciated.

On to other things, then.

We're finally getting better! I kept feeling like I was about to kick the nasty bug and then having another wave of nausea, vertigo, and even feeling anemic or as if my electrolytes were wonky. I'm glad that has mostly passed. The girls with ear infections started to feel better almost immediately, but had the same sort of general low-energy icky feeling. The last one with antibiotics is nearly done -- two more doses? So we'll make a trip in to the pediatrician next week for the pneumonia recheck, but she's looking pretty good. I have wondered if that horrible pneumonia she had at 19 mos. set her up for this and perhaps some future reoccurences, but we'll just be grateful for now and worry about that when/if we get there.

In the middle of all this, Q's walker is now here, he'll be getting a feeding chair I think, and I must order him tiny little knee splints -- to support his legs while he's learning to use the walker. Have I mentioned that it's Electric Lime in color? This cracks me up.

School keeps moving on. Wahoo. I wanted to share a couple of things that we have just loved using this year. First, the Lyrical Life Science series. (Thanks, M, for finding this and sharing.) The songs are a hoot and exceptionally well done, the workbooks just enough for what I wanted to cover this year (while not poking at me for leaving part of them undone, as if one should offer a BS in Biology to eleven year olds), and now even Q knows all about Monotremes and Marsupials. Another really great book has been George Washington's World. Formerly OOP, it is offered by Beautiful Feet, along with others in the series. As much as we have loved these, I wish someone else were still writing exactly this format of book on more modern figures and historical timelines. It's made for great doctor's office read-alouds, as well as using it at home. I know there's more, but it will wait until I both remember and have time to type again.

I've been slowly catching up on things which fell behind while Life took over. I've got a couple of writing projects to wrap up and then a syllabus and supply list to write. Just so you don't think I'm running out of things to do. (insert eye roll here)

I've been reading about zoogenic flu and Cytokine Storms this week. It rather makes a person's head spin: to boost one's immune system or not? Anti-virals or no? Herbals? Homeopathics? Vitamin D? What? I had the incredible opportunity of eavesdropping on a conversation which included someone who researched and wrote on zoogenic flu for her PhD. Very interesting stuff. The code H1N1 is now burned into all our brains, I'm sure. Thank God it appears that the genetic material that created such losses in 1918 is lacking in this go round. It does create a good opportunity to think about food and water supply. Do we have enough band-aids and diapers to last us if we needed to be house bound for awhile? How's that earthquake contingency plan, all us Ring of Fire dwellers? Hmmm? Emergency and disaster preparedness is always a good thing to have in the back of your mind -- those with a basic plan and supplies in place will have relatively little trouble modifying to suit whatever specific situation might take place.

How are you? Well, I hope. And washing your hands. And coughing into your elbows. Got alcohol-based gel hand sanitizer?

Q's out so I'm off. Rest deeply and thoroughly this weekend, people. Remembering always that His eye is on the sparrow. XO.

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