Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shortnin' Bread

This will be short because my eyes and hands aren't working very well together. I think dextromethorphan and I may be a mismatch, but that's another story. Well, maybe not, but it's not what I'm talking about right now. I have one girl down with pneumonia, two with ear infections, and Q is either puking up any food that has the barest hint of texture or refusing to eat altogether. I'm hoping that he's just "that age" -- the one where he exerts his opinion -- but I keep thinking about g-tubes and wondering how long he can go on with this kind of finicky nonsense before he actually shows weight loss. Thank God for that Boost stuff. At 1.5cal/ml it doesn't mess around.

Q got up around 2, didn't settle well, then again at 4, hollering, which he rarely does, and took a good while to get settled again. He almost napped, but then gave a little start and woke up with the rattle of snot in his nose. I'm about to go put him down now, he's all dosed up for the evening, and I just need him to sleep. I'm all loopy and I thought it was the Mucinex (took the mondo dose), but it should be gone by now, so... I'm not pleased with the alternatives. I don't have the time or other resources to deal with being that sick.

Gotta scoot. The boy and laundry and dishes and vertigo are callin' my name. I'll whinge about the pecularities of EEG scheduling some other time.

Thanks for your prayers.

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