Friday, June 20, 2008


Not to sound too whiny or anything, but...

It's past one in the morning and the kid won't sleep. He's propped up in his little armchair, watching something ridiculous on TV. I want him to sleep. Right now. He's had all his meds, clean diaper, lovely fresh "I love bugs" jammies, we nursed 'til I'm just done, thank you, he had Gas-X in case we (in the royal sense) were having any issues of that type, and still he's awake.


Where's the little manual that came with him? You know, tied onto his toe, a wee booklet entitled: The Proper Care and Feeding of Q. Oh, right. Didn't get one of those. Hmmm. (fingers tapping)

Any suggestions? I should really get one of those hammock swings to install in the doorway. I could wrap him snuggly, plop him in and curl up under him so that on the off chance that he could wriggle out of the netting, he'd fall on me and I'd cushion him. And I could catch a few minutes of sweet unconsciousness.

I'm not really making much sense, am I? My fingers are stuttering a little. I want to go eat sharp cheddar and lovely, little, alliterative, lemony cornichons. Wait. No, I don't. I want to sleeeeep.

Ah, hear the wailing? Oh, please. He's fine. Enjoying his programme. I, however, am whimpering a little.

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Melanie said...

HA HA HA sorry I know its not funny and we have had those nights here also. And I whimper also so you are not alone!

I would recommend the swing...wonderful invention!